Gqrx udp

This forum is now suspended and will not accept any new posts or account registrations. For technical support relating to SDRplay hardware or software, please open up a support ticket via www. Privacy Terms. SDRplay Community Forum This forum is now suspended and will not accept any new posts or account registrations. Quick links. Forum rules. After each iteration of an installation process GQRx does not see SDRPlay and I'm gettng the idea that despite some lucky users who have a Linux installation working with an SDRPlay device I',m thinking that those must just be flukes or very clever programme coders because for this layman it just isn't happening.

Which all leads me to believe that there is much to pre-configure than any of the installation guides and processes make out. Is there anyone who can help me? Starting it from the application downloaded either by Ubuntu software or by apt-get just never worked.

Happy days! All it takes is for one dependency to be updated and break support for the RSPs and building from scratch will no longer work.

What you can build one day can the very next day fail. And that killed it properly. I thrashed around in annoyance at myself for ages, re-downloading Gqrx Macintosh binaries and even rebuilding it entirely from source using MacPorts. I'm familiar with Soapy from Linux but had not installed it on my Mac. Of course there is a small learning curve and everyone's mileage is going to vary but it's really sweet and great for HF DX and has a very neat simple memory-file system.

Forgive the extremely crappy band conditions, it's been very noisy and a closed band for the last several days here. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Next effort will be trying to use it's remote UDP audio server. For anyone interested, Gqrx has an inbuilt server that receives and responds to raw TCP packets.

The gotcha that held me back was not understanding that in it's Allowed Hosts settings, ip addresses have to be prefixed with ::ffff: eg. Connected to Have yet to implement stop on busy but it looks hopeful because of the high speed TCP link as opposed to serial. It doesn't have a busy signal but does give accurate signal strength. On entering "cmake. Sorry but I'm not a software developer so don't really understand how to sort out the error. Any help appreciated. Last edited by alanbarker on Thu Jan 01, am, edited 0 times in total.

Pluto SDR sink in Gnu Radio with TCP / UDP

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gqrx udp

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Joined Feb 7, Messages Now it's worked better for me. It seems to work well on my "radio" computer as well, but i have trouble to get my wroted down frequencies to work. DualC said:. I have Ubuntu When I follow the instructions in the file, once I hit the "Start" button, there's no other window that pops up.

Another window does open up, but there's no data in it. Hard to explain, but I'll throw up a screenshot later. Any ideas? Sorry, I was half asleep when I posted that! I'll take a pic later and show you what I mean. And yes, I mean the run flowgraph button F6. I'll give gqrx a shot and see what happens.The IP address and the port can be configured as shown in the picture. POCSAG is a pager technology, which is often used by ambulance and firefighters in Germany and, therefore, maybe the most interesting.

On my systems the commands differ a bit for MAC and Linux since they come with different versions of netcat. Inspectrum is a promising new tool for offline signal analysis that will hopefully replace Audacity and Baudline in the near future. Inspectrum already provides a great unique feature: an overlay that allows to derive the symbol time easily. Instead of just using a tool, GNU Radio allows to build a custom receiver.

This can be supported by GQRX through splitting the process in two steps. First, a WAV file is captured for offline signal analysis and prototyping of the receiver. Once the receiver works, the switch to an online decoder is seamless. For offline signal analysis, the top branch is active, while the bottom branch is used for the live receiver.

In the latter case, the signal conversion might be a bit tricky, as the fixed point samples from GQRX have to be converted to bit floats and resampled, which can be done with a command like this.

I also uploaded the slides in case someone is interested.You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field.

Gqrx software defined radio receiver Web Site.

gqrx udp

Do you have a GitHub project? Now you can sync your releases automatically with SourceForge and take advantage of both platforms. Good work! This is very nice software. Congrats to the author s. Stable, plenty of features, great design. Solid five stars. It works great on my MacBook Pro Retina. Thank you much for great software and easy to install. No hassle. Sometimes it crashes at shutdown time, but it does restart OK on next usage.

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Amateur Radio Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for amateur radio enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. Stream as UDP nice but not required TIA for your assistance.

VLC video streaming UDP

Project background and details on request The Project: The Boot Key Harbor Cruisers Net is a marine vhf net that meets every morning at in support of the local community of cruising boats here in Marathon. After discussions with some of the other net-controllers, we decided it would be good to push the broadcast onto the internet so folks not able to participate on the live VHF net due to moving outside the local area or time constraints like a job, can still listen. Goals and Requirements: Eventually, we would like to be able to record and push the mp3 encoded files to the internet server unattended.

If we can get the physical footprint small enough and operate "headless" we may be able to convince the Marathon City Marina one of our sponsors to allow us to hang the system off their tower with an ethernet connection to the public wifi router. To this end, my logic dictates a RasPi2 or 3 running linux and arm compatible software. Therefor, we are looking at linux only software that also can be run from the command line only No gui.

Testing using gqrx usuable to good quality despite strong nearby signal. Encoded udp stream as mp3 using sox and pushed to server via sftp manual.

gqrx udp

Usuable gqrx settings as follow:. While gqrx works as long as I am here to interact with the gui, it is not command line happy as far as scheduled control via bash. When squelch kicks in, it stops output and busts the sox recording pipe. Found a modified version that is supposed to address this issue, plus another that includes outputing a udp stream rather than a raw file, but until I can get the command line switches set up to match the working gqrx config, its kinda a moot point One thing at a time.

Any suggestions as to software we have not tried yet that will meet the requirements of command line operation? Have not tried RTLSharp yet If you have read this far, thanks for your patience. You can listen to test recordings on our partial website at bootkeycruisers. This will be an incomplete answer to begin with, hoping that collectively we can come up with a workable solution:. LNB is for devices with external block downconverters; it doesn't apply here, so we don't have to account for this.

Others: please comment or directly edit this post to see if we can complete the command-line switches. Answer 1, gain to be automatic, -l value need to be determined experimentally:. Answer 2, gain to be set at 10, -l value need to be determined experimentally:. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.Starting with version 2.

This can be used to send the audio to external data decoders or for remote monitoring. This post describes the streaming functionality in gqrx and provides a few examples for how to use it. First, you must configure the network settings. This is done in the Network tab of the audio settings window:. As can be seen on the screenshot the remote host and port number are configurable.

You can enter a host name or an IP address as long as it resolves. Once configured you can start streaming by simply pressing the small network button located left to the audio recording button, see the red marking on the screenshot below. You can verify the data is coming through at the opposite end using netcat or nc:.

You should see a lots of funny symbols scroll through the terminal. You can now pipe the output of netcat to other applications, see the next section for examples.

gqrx udp

The following command line will re-sample the raw audio to Note that the above is one command line. Embedded software engineer in the satcom industry during the day. Radio amateur and SDR hacker during the night. View all posts by Alexandru Csete. Skip to content Starting with version 2. The streamed audio has the following specifications: Channels: 1 left Sample rate: 48 kHz Sample format: 16 bit signed, little endian S16LE First, you must configure the network settings.

This is done in the Network tab of the audio settings window: As can be seen on the screenshot the remote host and port number are configurable.

Pluto SDR sink in Gnu Radio with TCP / UDP

Author: Alexandru Csete Embedded software engineer in the satcom industry during the day. Previous Previous post: Analog bandwidth, named gain stages and a few UI tweaks. Next Next post: Controlling gqrx from a remote host.Since the update from GNURadio to version 3. Some files can not be found because GnuRadio has apparently changed its file structure. I have log. Alternatively, you might be able to get the date and just the date using git rev-list.

Arch Linux User Repository. Sort order Ascending Descending. Per page 50 Dependencies 18 alsa-lib alsa-lib-xtaalsa-lib-a52pcm boost-libs boost fftw fftw-mpichfftw-mpi gnuradio gnuradio-git gnuradio-osmosdr gr-osmosdr-gitgr-osmosdr-nonfree-gitgnuradio-osmosdr-gqrx-gitgr-osmosdr-xtrx-git gsl libpulse pulseaudio-gitlibpulse-bluediopulseaudio-palilibpulse-nosystemdalibpulse libuhd libusb pulseaudio pulseaudio-gitpulseaudio-bluediopulseaudio-palialibpulse python2-cheetah qt5-base qt5-base-gitqt5-base-headless qt5-svg qt5-svg-git boost make git git-git make make make3make-git make patch patch-git make gr-osmosdr-git gr-osmosdr-nonfree-git optional — support of OsmoSDR devices.

I haven't tried it yet, but I will. This builds with GNU Radio 3. AUR packages are user produced content. Any use of the provided files is at your own risk.

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